Cake stories

Halloween Cakes!

October is finaly here and it is time to start planning your spooky Halloween event! :)

Nightmare Before Christmas Cake is one of the most popular theme around Halloween. Fondant figurines on the top alog with a spooky gate looked perfect on this Halloween themed wedding cake!

Little Pumpkins Baby Shower Cake was such a cute addition to our cake galery! Two little babies hiding in a pumpkin adds a cutness to spooky!

Morgan's 4th Birthday Cake - Icing Smiles

We are so happy we got to do this cake! We made this cake for an adorable little boy named Morgan. Morgan suffers from Cystic Fibrosis and he was not able to have a party for his 4th birthday, so the family had a cake brought to him at the hospital! Morgan's Mommy, Tiffany said that he like Blue's Clues, so we decided to surprise him with Blue's Clues themed cake. Morgan and his family loved the cake! Happy Birthday Morgan!

Elliana's Birthday Cake!

We accepted second Call to Action and created this magical castle cake for amazing little girl Elliana! Elliana suffers from Bilateral Schizencephaly, a disorder of the brain characterized by abnormal slits, or clefts, in the cerebral hemispheres. Elliana's first four years of live have proven that she is a fighter. Her recent birthday celebration was about more than her birthday; it was about celebrating the life that doctors said she would never have. The smile on Elliana's face when she saw the cake will be a memory her family will always hold dear. Thank you Icing Smiles for this opportunity! Happy birthday Elliana!

Our First Icing Smiles Cake

Icing Smiles is a nonprofit organization that provides custom celebration cakes and other treats to families impacted by the critical illness of a child. In October 2011 the family reached out to us through Icing smiles to see if we could do a cake for Jack and Annie's 10th birthday. We happily accepted to do that cake and put some new smiles on their faces! Jack was diagnosed with Stage IV high-risk neuroblastoma in 2005. He has undergone many treatments and suffered several replapses. His family travels the country in pursuit of new treatment options for him, in hopes of finding the right medication that will rid his body of cancer forever.

Happy Birthday Jack and Annie!

Tips for the Bride

Since the wedding season is upon us, I will devote this post to newly engaged brides! Most people plan their weddings for when it’s warm and sunny – usually June through August. The time leading up to wedding date can be full of stress, along with joy and fun as all the preparations are being made.

As a cake designer, it is my job to help you through the process of designing your dream wedding cake! All decisions are ultimately yours because this is your day! It is easier to surf the internet to get a sense of what you want, although there are also a lot of wedding magazines that you could look through. Collect as many pictures of cakes that strike your fantasy and try to narrow them down. Find out what is it about that cake that you like! Would you like the cake to be round, square or misshaped? Would you want to have it stacked or separated by pillars? Would you like lots of details on your cake, or would you like it to be very simple?

Wedding theme and colors! Keep in mind the color and the overall theme of your wedding. These can be incorporated into the final cake design. For example, your table cloth may be in purple color. Your cake can be in purple color in whole or in accents. It could have purple ribbons, flowers on each tier or it could be the purple topper. The outside design is probably the most important, visually, and it also narrows the possibilities on what will be used on the inside.

The Flavors! Cake flavors are infinite! Chocolate cakes, paired with strawberry mousse garnished with fresh strawberries are amazing! If you are a chocolate lover, a flavor choice can be Devil’s Food cake with rich cream cheese chocolate frosting or you can go with chocolate peanut cake with chocolate and caramel filling, topped with lots of peanuts. If you would like something more sophisticated, then Bavarian cream will be the best choice and it goes great with any cake flavor. As you can see, the sky is the limit! Let your fantasy be your guide!

Don’t forget the groom! A wedding cake is usually designed by brides, a light and colorful design. Groom’s cake is where fantasy starts! Groom’s cakes are great way to surprise him on your wedding day!

If the groom is attending the consultation with you and you want to surprise him with the groom’s cake, just let me know and I will keep it a secret J We can work out the details over the phone or through the email. And feel free to look for more ideas in my galleries!

The consultation! Don’t forget to bring all the photos you collected. You can also email them to me in advance and I can provide you with more specific details and some more ideas. We can mix different cake sizes, shapes and designs into your cake. You can use and do just about anything to create your fantasy cake! We can work out all these options at your consultation and while creating your Fantasy Cake!

The First Fantasy Cakes Story!

With the coming of spring I thought this was the perfect time to launch our Fantasy Cakes Story page!

This is going to be our little corner on the internet for sharing our cake photos, stories, tutorials, new designs and ideas... So here it goes... I would love to hear from you, so please let me know what you think, what you would like to hear about and if you have any questions, please feel free to ask :)